2016 Winners

Marketing Division



1st www.smokeymoonsauce.com

2nd www.huffmanssauces.com

3rd www.southernbellesbbq.com


Hot Sauce Label Only


1st Primo’s Peppers – Swampadelic Sauce

2nd Diemen’s – Diemen’s Original Australian Made Hot Sauce

3rd Wild West Worcester – Ghost Pepper Hot Sauce


BBQ Sauce Label Only

1st Southern Belles Gourmet BBQ

2nd Smokey Moon – Grillin’ & Sippin’ BBQ Sauce

3rd Full Boar BBQ – Sweet & Spicy BBQ Sauce

Other Label Only


1st Wild Bill’s Wing Sauce

2nd The 'Hot Enough' Vodka Company

3rd Serna’s Salsa


Gift Pack


1st Frog Bone Cajun Sauces

2nd Sam & Oliver

3rd 2 Sister’s Salsa




1st Motherlode Provisions

2nd The 'Hot Enough' Vodka Company

3rd Huffmans


Marketing Division Champ
Primo’s Peppers Swampadelic


Snacks Division


1st - Mikey V's - Spicy Reaper Pickles

2nd - Old Florida Style Foods - Datil Pepper Garlic Pickle Chips Sweet & Spicy

3rd - Fox Point Pickling Company - Spicy Dill Pickles


Pickled Other

1st - Bolder Beans - Bolder Beans – Hot

2nd - Bolder Beans - Bolder Mushrooms

3rd - Bolder Beans – Bolder Garlic


Salty Snacks

1st - Ghost Foods - Cheese balls w/Bhut Jolkia powder

2nd - CajunTex Salsa & More - CajunTex Cajun Spicy Chips

3rd - Hacienda Maize- Jammin' Curried Peanuts



1st Texas Toffee Queen, LLC - White Chocolate Peach Ginger Habanero Toffee

2nd Overkill Hot Sauce - Candied Jalapeños with Pineapple

3rd Stung Tongue - ZomBee cinnamon candy



Snacks Division Champion -
Ghost Foods - Cheese balls w/Bhut Jolkia powder



Chile Oil

1st   Yeak Inc. – Kmao

2nd  Hot Licks Key Lime Jalapeno Olive Oil

3rd  Sutter Buttes Natural and Artisan Foods – Citrus Habanero Infused Olive Oil


Taco Sauce – New Category in 2016

1st Frog Bone Cajun Sauces - Bayou Taco Sauce

2nd Crowley's Hot Sauce – Cajed Heat

3rd Moe Mountain Heat Inc. - Moe Mountain HOT Sauce


Dessert Sauce

1st Sweet Heat Gourmet - Spiced Chocolate Fudge Sauce

2nd Bonfatto's Artisan Sauces & Products - Razz Hab

3rd Texas Brew Salsa - Texas Brew Strawberry Chipotle Sauce


Table Seasoning

1st T2Recipes - Ole Man's Spice Rub & Seasoning Original Blend

2nd Poca’s Hottest - Casey's Bacon Flavored Salt

3rd Swimmin' in Smoke - Chik Bait seasoning


Steak Sauce


1st Motherlode Provisions - Motherlode Provisions Steak Sauce

2nd Bow Valley BBQ Inc. - Blueberry Merlot Steak Sauce

3rd Rasta Bros. - Jamaica My Steaka Sauce


Salad Dressing


1st Aunty Lilikoi Products - Aunty Lilikoi Passion Fruit Wasabi Dressing

2nd Frog Bone Cajun Sauces - Bayou Remoulade

3rd Stevie Macs Gourmet Sauces - Stevie Macs Hotcha Sauce



1st Posh Pickles and Preserves (United Kingdom) – Sa’ Va’ Tu’o’ng ‘o’t

2nd My-Chilli, s.r.o. (Czech Republic) -Sweet Onion Chutney

3rd Orcona Chili’s n’ Peppers (New Zealand)– Chipotle Relish



1st Backwoods Mustard Company - Honey Habanero Mustard

2nd Kelley's Gourmet - Kelley's Gourmet Stone Ground Mustard

3rd Jimmy's Sauces (South Africa) - Mustard



1st  5Gen Salsa - 5Gen Gourmet Ketchup

2nd Huffman's Sauces - Huffman's Spiced Bloody Mary Tomato Ketchup

3rd Jimmy’s Sauces (South Africa) Jimmy’s Infused Chip & Burger Sauce

Jam/Jelly Mild/Medium

1st Rasta Bros. - I Wanna Guava Pepper Jelly

2nd Aunty Lilokoi - Aunty Lilikoi Passion Fruit Habanero Jelly

3rd Coldwater Canyon Provisions - Jalapeno Chipotle Jelly


Jam/Jelly Hot/Xtra Hot


1st Hacienda Maize - Fire-Roasted Jalapeno Diablo Jammin' Jelly

2nd Primo Peppers - The Farmer's Daughter Burn Hot Pepper Jelly

3rd Dave's Hot Pepper Jelly - Strawberry Habanero Dave's Hot Pepper Jelly



Condiments Division Champion -
Aunty Lilikoi Products -
Aunty Lilikoi Passion Fruit Wasabi Dressing


Cook – Off Division

Dry Seasoning Rub - Pork

1st CRC BBQ - Riley's Red Rub

2nd T2Recipes - Ole Man's Spice Rub & Seasoning Original Blend

3rd Ranch Hand Foods (Australia) - Beale Street Memphis Style BBQ Rub


Dry Seasoning Rub – Beef

1st T2Recipes - Ole Man's Spice Rub & Seasoning Original Blend

2nd CRC BBQ - Riley's Smoky and Bold

3rd Swimmin’ in Smoke - Cattle Call


Dry Seasoning Rub – Fowl

1st Swimmin' in Smoke – Chik Bait

2nd Mike D's BBQ - Mike D's BBQ Sweet & Spicy Rub

3rd CRC BBQ - Riley's Red Rub


Dry Seasoning Rub – Fish


1st FrogBone Cajun Sauces - Blackened Seasoning - Rub Fish

2nd T2Recipes - Ole Man's Spice Rub & Seasoning Mediterranean Blend

3rd Swimmin' in Smoke - Fish Bait



1st Rasta Bros. - Jamaican Jerk Marinade

2nd Hacienda Maize - Hacienda Maize Jammin Steak Diablo a' la Mole

3rd Secret Aardvark Trading Co. - Drunken Jerk Jamaican Marinade


Wings Sauce – Mild / Medium


1st Sparkys - Sparkys Wings

2nd Culley's Limited – Culley’s Buffalo Wing Sauce

3rd Bonfatto’s - Bonfatto's Original Wing Sauce


Wing Sauce Hot/X-Hot


1st Wild Bill's Wing Sauce - Wild Bill's Wing Sauce

2nd Sweet & Spicy, LLC - Alaskan Umami Sauce - Extra Hot

3rd LRAS LLC dba Lug's Rubs and Sauces - JERK -The Original

Bloody Mary Mix


1st Backyard Mary, LLC - Backyard Mary Bloody Mary Mixer Medium Happy Spicy

2nd Bolder Beans - Mary's Mornin' FiXXer

3rd 5Gen Salsa - 5Gen Bloody Mary Mix


Dry Dip Mix

1st Most Delightful Foods, LLC - Taste the Seasons Cajun Trinity Cheese Spread and Dip Mix

2nd Most Delightful Foods, LLC - Taste the Seasons Gazpacho Cheese Spread and Dip Mix

3rd Most Delightful Foods, LLC - Taste the Seasons Tropical Chutney Cheese Spread and Dip Mix


Cook Off Division Winner
T2Recipes -
Ole Man's Spice Rub & Seasoning Original Blend


Jerky Division


1st Katies Beef Jerky - Brown Sugar Pineapple Jerky

2nd Katies Beef Jerky - Pina Colada Pineapple Jerky

3rd Katies Beef Jerky - Cherry Pineapple Jerky



1st Cactus Pete’s – Teriyaki

2nd Savage Jerky – Sriracha Teriyaki

3rd Katies Beef Jerky – Teriyaki Beef Jerky

Black Pepper


1st Katies’ Beef Jerky – Pepper Original

2nd Mikey V’s – Cowboy Black Pepper

3rd Cactus Pete’s – Black Pepper



1st Savage Jerky – Sriracha Bacon

2nd Cactus Pete’s – Jalapeno

3rd Katies Beef Jerky – Garlic Lovers Dream



1st Born to Hula – Mammoth Beef Jerky – Crush it Habanero Ancho

2nd Cactus Petes – Jamaican Me Crazy

3rd Katies Beef Jerky – Seriously Spicy


Xtra Hot

1st Savage Jerky – Ghost Pepper Buffalo Sauce

2nd Katie’s Beef Jerky – 7 Pot Primo

3rd Steel Cowboy Jerky - Wildfire


Specialty Jerky


1st Ria’s Roadkill Jerky – Original Beef Jerky

2nd Savage Jerky -Sweet Sriracha

3rd Ria’s Roadkill Jerky – Korean BBQ Jerky



Jerky Division Winner
Savage Jerky
Sriracha Bacon




Salsa Division



1st 2 Sisters Salsa Fiesta

2nd Salsa del Diablo Minnesota Mild

3rd Cajun Tex Salsa Hickory Smoked Salsa Picante - Mild



1st CajunTex Salsa & More - CajunTex Hickory-Smoked Salsa Picante - Medium

2nd 5Gen Salsa -5Gen Sweet & Spicy Salsa, Chunky style

3rd A & J Salsa LLC - Medium Salsa with Serrano and Banana Peppers



1st Mikey V's Foods - Mikey V's Texas Ex's

2nd La Casita Hot Sauce - La Casita Hot Sauce Calinete Extra Hot

3rd Casa Morales Inc - Bocho's Blend


Xtra Hot

1st Todd's Originals Llc - Todds Ghost Pepper Salsa

2nd Deception Salsa - I Dare You

3rd A & J Salsa LLC - Exxtreme Salsa with Habanero, Ghost Pepper and Trinidad Scorpion Peppers


Bean & Corn

1st Bow Valley BBQ – Sweet Chili Corn Salsa

2nd Cajun Tex Salsa – Bayou Gold Hickory-Smoked Black Bean & Corn Salsa

3rd Deception Salsa – Entice



1st Bonfatto’s Hoppy Verde 2 U

2nd Deception Salsa Jealous

3rd Serna’s Hot Verde Salsa


1st Texas Brew Salsa – Salsa Charra

2nd Born to Hula – Smokehaus Salsa

3rd Todd’s Original – Todd’s Chipotle Salsa



1st Deception Salsa – Aloha

2nd Tastin' Jamaican Caribbean Style Salsa - Blueberry Peach Salsa

3rd Texas Brew Salsa - Cinnamon Pear Confit


Salsa Division Champion
Mickey V’s
Texas Ex’s


BBQ Sauce Division


Alcohol Infused

1st Deep River Specialty Foods – Cracked Spur Sauce

2nd Baxter's Original Limited – Spicy Bourbon

3rd Melbourne Hot Sauce – Gran Humo Negro



1st Old Florida Style Foods - Datil Pepper Honey Barbeque Glaze Sweet & Spicy

2nd Southern Belles Gourmet BBQ – Original Belle

3rd CRC Inc. (Circle R Cookers) – Riley’s Triple R Sauce



1st Daniel's of Louisiana, LLC – Zip Zam Bam Spicy BBQ & Dipping Sauce

2nd Motherlode Provisions – Rocky Mountain Style Barbeque Sauce

3rd Heavenly Hell Hot Sauces - Scorched Earth BBQ "Coffee, Chocolate & Habanero BBQ Sauce"



1st Daigle Family Co/ Daigle's BBQ Sauce - Daigle's Sweet Habanero Rib Sauce

2nd Uncle Jim's Foods, Inc. - Uncle Jim's Wild Habanero Barbeque Sauce

3rd Smoky Jon’s # 1 BBQ - Smoky Jon's Fiery Gourmet Supreme BBQ Sauce



1st Ghost Foods – BBQ Sauce XXX

2nd Cobra Chilli – Carolina BBQ Sauce

3rd  Butch’s Smack Your Lips – SuperPyro BBQ Sauce



1st Crowley's Hot Sauce – Smoke & Fire

2nd Melbourne Hot Sauce -Chipotle BBQ

3rd Baxter's Original Limited - Chipotle



1st Sweet & Spicy, LLC- Hot Alaskan Umani Sauce

2nd Geno’s Sauces - Geno's Spicy Sauce

3rd Smoky Jon’s # 1 BBQ – Fiery Supreme


Mustard Based

1st   Sam & Oliver’s LLC - Molten Gold

2nd  Aunty Lilikoi Products - Aunty Lilikoi Passion Fruit Kiawe BBQ Sauce

3rd My-Chilli, s.r.o. - Honey Mustard Sauce



Vinegar Based

1st Smokey Moon BBQ Company - Smokey Moon Grillin and Sippin BBQ Sauce

2nd Lug's Rubs and Sauces - JERK -The Original

3rd The Hawg House LLC (aka Sloppy 2nds) - Sloppy 2nds Southern Style Orange



1st Southern Belles BBQ – Pineapple Twang

2nd Mikey V's Foods - Mikey V's Hall Of Flame Cherry BBQ Sauce

3rd Captain Mowatt's - Captain Mowatt's Bar Harbor Que



BBQ Sauce Division Champion
Daigle Family Co/ Daigle's BBQ Sauce
Daigle's Sweet Habanero Rib Sauce




Hot Sauce Division




1st Tropical Spices, LLC Sing Sing Teriyaki Hot Sauce

2nd Huffman’s Thai Sweet Chilli Aromatic Sauce

3rd Mikey V’s Sweet Ghost Pepper Sweet & Hot Sauce



1st Rasta Bros - Rasta Hot Sauce

2nd The Trinidad Sauce Company – Original Pepper Sauce

3rd Todd's Originals Llc - Inner Beauty


1st Secret Aardvark’s Habanero Hot Sauce

2nd Savage Jerky’s Mojo Habanero Hot Sauce

3rd Samba Flavor – FeiJoada (Fayzh-wah-duh) Hot Sauce



1st Mundi Sauce – Butternut Bomb

2nd The Chilli Effect – Sting like a Bee

3rd Meier Food Products LLC – Devil’s Envy


Louisiana Style


1st – Stevie Macs Gourmet Sauces - Cayenne Explosion

2nd – Diemens – Australian Made Stinger Hot Sauce

3rd – Eaglewingz Chesapeake Brand Hot Sauce



1st Born to Hula, LLC - Smokehaus Blues

2nd The Lucky Taco Imperio Ltd. – Chipotle Hot Sauce

3rd Burns and McCoy Sauce Company –Smoked Habanero Roasted Garlic



1st Sam & Oliver, LLC – Mind Flay – Strawberry and Reaper

2nd  Lazy Y Ranch – Truth Serum Plum Crazy

3rd Dashelito's Hot Sauces & Spicy Foods - Dashelito's Undertow


Pepper Blend

1st Captain Mowatt’s – Canceaux Sauce

2nd Chilli Lingo Hot Sauce Company - The Centurion

3rd Hoff & Pepper – Hoff Sauce



1st Humboldt Hotsauce - Emerald Sauce

2nd Dawson's Hot Sauce - Garlic Jalapeno

3rd Scotty O'Hotty Hot Sauce - Beer Bacon Chipotle



1st Crazy Bastard Sauce (Germany) - Habanero & Tomatillo

2nd Chili Hungária Manufaktúra – Kabai Fireball

3rd K-Sauce - K-3 Keenan's Be Afraid Hot Sauce



1st FrogBone - Bone Reaper Hot Sauce

2nd Pot Uno's Infamous Hot Sauces - Assbuster

3rd Wild West Worcester – Sweet Black Sauce


1st Fire Dragon Chillies – Deadly

2nd Gorki Chili - All Stars

3rd Mikey V's Foods - Mikey V's Reaper Unleashed


Ultra Hot

1st Primo's Peppers – Swampadelic Sauce

2nd Volim Ljuto j.d.o.o. - Brutalero Scorpion

3rd Mr Saucy - Ghost



Hot Sauce Divisional Champion
Best Hot Sauce in the World 2016
Bone Reaper Hot Sauce



2016 Countries entered:
New Zealand
United States
United Kingdom
South Africa
Czech Republic

2016 States entered:








District of Columbia














New Jersey

New York

North Carolina





Rhode Island






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